Sunday, June 06, 2010

Blogs to read while I'm focused elsewhere

I've got work to focus on for the time being that somebody's actually paying me for, so check out recent posts from these fine blogs in the meantime:


Don Dickson said...

Aren't you supposed to "write when you get work?" ((wink))

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Actually I've been working on this project a couple of months, but am in the home stretch now. The subject is completely unrelated to criminal justice and it's been a struggle to keep the blog going while I'm focused on other topics.

Anonymous said...

TYC Racial Discrimination is off the CHAIN.
TYC is not only hiding the assaults on youths but also the assaults that at MCSJCFII in Mart, Texas a WHITE teacher physically assaulted a BLACK teacher on 3 different occassions where there were several witnesses and the hotline called but according to Cherie Townsend, Matthew Blackstock, Alan Walters and Sentor John Whitmire called the assaults as, continuously discourteous yet the Black teacher was falsely accused of a verbal threat and was suspended then terminated because she was then accused of knowing the youth that ran from a soccer gane in January 2010 was going to run, all of this came about when the BLACK teacher filed a discrimination complaint against TYC officials.
When the BLACK teacher filed assault charges against the WHITE teacher with Mart PD TYC blocked the charge. What the hell is this if ain't RACIAL DISCRIMINATION???????
We at Mart Facility want the truth to be known. All the witnesses to the assaults were never questioned.
Everytime we turned in anything relating to the WHITE teacher there was ALWAYS an excuse for her behavior. She NEVER was disciplined for contraband, stealing or any TYC rules violations.
She still has a job. We are WHITE but we supoort the BLACK teacher and want her back at work. She is a DAMN good teacher.

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