Thursday, June 17, 2010

An overt case of profiling

I'm flattered that Matthew Stewart at the blog LoneStarters chose to publish a profile of Grits for Breakfast, declaring "this blog hits some of the more controversial topics you’ll see from an Austin-based blog ... combining tough analysis with eminently readable prose," adding " if you haven’t yet given Grits a look, you should for the writing alone." And I'm especially pleased to learn that Grits "is one of the blogs that inspired me to write more frequently for this blog." Thanks, Matthew, for those very kind words. He also included a few responses to questions sent via email, including this observation on the motives for blogging:
Outside of diarists or as a storehouse for family portraits, to me there’s only one good reason to start a blog. If you have something to say and the gaping hole in public discourse from nobody saying it is driving you batshit crazy. Otherwise, nobody’s paying you and there are far more pleasant, constructive ways to spend your time.
As always, thanks for reading, folks.


Anonymous said...

And thank you for writing!

Angee said...

Matthew Stewart knows a good thing when he sees it. Because of Grits I am much more informed on what is happening in TX. Thank you, Scott. Keep up the good work.

Angee said...

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CharityLee said...
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CharityLee said...

Love the quote from Stewart....that is exactly why I started my blog. He sums it up quite succinctly.