Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Dallas DA to go on the record

Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins will be interviewed this a.m. by Evan Smith of the Texas Tribune in a public event here in Austin, and though I'd RSVP'd, I regret seeing no option but to skip the show to focus on an important, unrelated work deadline. Watkins hasn't been speaking much to local reporters in Dallas so this will be an opportunity to get answers on the record to many of the questions swirling around Constablegate and some of the other topics swirling around the embattled DA. Wish I could be there.

UPDATE: Here's a video excerpt of the event:

And here's a brief writeup from Emily Ramshaw.

UPDATE/RELATED (at least to Constablegate): Who didn't see this coming? Ed Timms at the Dallas News reports that "Allegations that led Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins to hand over his investigation of constables appear to be unfounded, a special prosecutor has concluded." I'm pleased to see that special prosecutor Ted Lyon appears to be doing his due diligence. Reported Timms: "Also on Wednesday, Lyon met with Texas Rangers and asked for their help in the constables' investigation."


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the over/under is on how many questions Evan Smith will ask Watkins about "Constablegate?" Now that the Texas Tribune has crawled into bed with the pro-criminal Houston Chronicle, I'll be suprised if there's a single question asked that might make Watkins look bad. If a question is asked, what do you want to bet that Watkins will avoid answering the question?

R. Shackleford said...

I'd lay odds he won't go on record saying anything meaningful. It'll all be doublespeak. Watkins has shown us that he's either too weak to man up, he's too feeble minded to play this game, or that he's been seduced by the bright lights. I'll say it again: this reeks of Chi-town bullshit, and I'd like to see him lose his job.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:44.. Who Cares!?!?! are you sh!tting me? So you are all for criminally embedded LEO's being on the state's pay rolls, thus continuing a tradition of whitewashing culpability, infringement on the rights of citizens that are supposed to believe in the Constitution and Law agencies? Yeah, good mantra to put out Anon, Who Cares.. Well, I care.