Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Amnesty program for DPS surcharge will begin in January

I was told yesterday by a source at the Department of Public Safety that the new Amnesty program for the Driver Responsibility Surcharge will roll out sometime in January to coincide with tax season. No word on how long the Amnesty period will last, but drivers who want to use income-tax return money to make their Amnesty payment should file their returns as early as possible.

Since many folks don't file their taxes until closer to the April 15 deadline, I hope they make Amnesty last several months to accommodate them. Historically, the vast majority of defaulted drivers who've paid surcharges have done so during tax season.

The Indigence program recently approved by the Public Safety Commission, I was told, will not be implemented until later in the spring because of programming work still needed to get it up and running.


Anonymous said...

Checking into this but..
As a working college student, time and money are both stretched thin this unconstitutional program deserves nothing from me. I paid my ticket(registration&insurance) both in full and timely manner.

Anonymous said...

Talk about double jeapordy.i wonder if the goes to el.campo foreign company that owns the toll ways..

Anonymous said...

Hello Scott,

Today, I read this statement from the Texas DPS website regarding this issue, yet again:

The Department expects to be able to offer the Amnesty program by January 2011. Additional information regarding eligibility criteria and the application process for these programs will be made available in December.

My question is, now being that it's New Year's Eve. Has the DPS released the eligibility/application process to the public somewhere outside their own website? Because if so they aren't making it very obvious where to find it.

Or as December now comes to a close. Is the DPS just dragging it's heels on getting this information out to those hoping to finally become eligible for amnesty in January? Anything you might know would be very helpful.


Queen Dee said...

Guys It's here!!! The rules to the program - I've been googling for 2 hours now looking for new information. The link in Google WILL NOT WORK but I've copied and pasted the google document.

The program is from late January 2011- to late April 2011.

The only surcharges valid are from SEPTEMBER 30 2004 to DECEMBER 31, 2008.

I'm guessing anything after that has to be paid.

There is a phone application. Nothing by mail, fax or e-mail is required.

Well those are the highlights, here is the link to the paper.

copy and paste this link in your browser


Anonymous said...

I have many tickets i've been needing to pay off and even have warrants. I'll file my taxes and do whatever i need to for this program to work for me. After filing where do I go and what do i have to do?

Gritsforbreakfast said...

8:18, go here to apply, or at least find out if you're eligible.