Wednesday, December 29, 2010

News and Views from the Land of Dairy Queen

After he'd commented on the last Grits post, I checked in for the first time in a while at Wise County lawyer Barry Green's blog, Liberally Lean in the Land of Dairy Queen, and noticed these interesting tidbits:
  • "Years ago I was doing an oral argument in front of the Fort Worth Court of Appeals when Justice Dauphinot suddenly interrupted me and tersely asked, "Who wrote this brief?" I paused and meekly said, "I did." She paused, too, before saying, "Thank you. It will be very helpful." She was just screwing with me."
  • "The state prosecutor organization, TDCAA, provides all the forms a prosecutor needs to create a Vampire Weekend program -- including press releases and "talking points".  Hello, big brother."
  • Barry pointed out this story about the recent arrest for DWI of a Fort Worth police officer (see especially the bulleted list at the end of recent incidents), declaring "The wheels are off the Fort Worth PD."
  • And speaking of wheels, Barry pointed to this story I hadn't noticed from Christmas Day about a North Texas cop hit by his own patrol car as a suspect drove away in it at a traffic stop.
  • From Dec. 20, "There's was a guy in an armed standoff with cops at a downtown Dallas restaurant this morning. It got even odder when it was learned that it was the same guy that stole a cop car while handcuffed last week."
Lots of other fun stuff at LLITLODQ, particularly if you're a fan of women's breasts. (SFW, barely.)


Anonymous said...

Just what we need. One more left wing blog. You are so "balanced" that you recommend a string of these.

I love your claim that your left-wing blog is needed to balance the main stream media which you claim is not liberal. Rich.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

The MSM aren't liberal, they're "statist," though definitely pro-Big Government. And I never claimed to be "balanced" on this blog: Quite the opposite. So I have no idea where the quote marks come from; you're not responding to anything I've written.

Anyway, you read way too much into a knock-off post like this. Barry came here to comment, I hopped over to his blog and pulled a few crimjust tidbits from the hodgepodge of a lawyer's personal blog that I found interesting.

If you're so offended by reading things you disagree with, why do you return here, whining like a little girl, day after day?

Anonymous said...

Well, Scott, I went on the DQ blog expecting to see a lot more than I saw. Maybe it's just more difficult for me to be titillated these days.

nor very reverent Charles

Barry Green said...

Hey, you know how hard it is to find sexy girls with clothes on these days? It's tough out there on the Interwebs!!!

Give a small town country lawyer a break!

Now off to get a Hungerbuster.

austex1151 said...

I am always amazed to read folks who claim that "liberal media bias".OMG! The "Media" has not been liberal in eons. AM Radio is absolutely amok with ultra right wing, foaming at the mouth, screaming wingnuts. Fox is the most watched network in the US, and it does not even bother to pretend to be balance, except for that absurd motto they still use. Most newspapers these days are so middle of thee road it makes you want to puke. They cater to "family" stories, "regional" stories, and rarely ever actually do real journalism anymore.

What makes anonymous' comments funny is that the right wing media does not even bother with the whole concept of "fair". Yet that does not folks like anonymous one whit. Besides, the right wing view of "balanced" is that every idea expressed, no matter how inane, must be run side by side with a completely opposite view. They scream about bias, when what they really are talking about is opinion. But there's no talking to those folks. Facts rarely get in their way. Keep up the good work on this blog. It's not gospel, and I know that. It is what you say it is- your observations and such.