Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Todd Willingham documentary

The Texas Tribune has posted excerpts from an upcoming documentary on the Todd Willingham arson case, and published an interview with the filmmakers. Check it out. The Tribune's Evan Smith declares that:
the breakout performance is that of Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley, who was appointed by Rick Perry to chair the Texas Forensic Science Commission  just as the commission and its previous chair were inconveniently set to weigh in on the Willingham case during the gubernatorial campaign. Bradley is combative, bordering on hostile, from the moment he appears in Incendiary, both in his dealings with the press and with his fellow commissioners.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Gerald Hurst can come to Houston and help solve this Arson case. As an aside, this is why we still need (and why the public in Texas supports) the death penalty.