Saturday, October 06, 2012

Total fired in Harris jail sex probe jumps to six

 Reported Mike Glenn at the Houston Chronicle ("Deputy, detention officers fired in sex probe at county jail," Oct. 5):
A widening sexual misconduct investigation at the Harris County Jail has led to five additional firings, including a supervising deputy, Sheriff Adrian Garcia said Friday.

The firings include four civilian detention officers and take to six the number of employees who have been fired in the investigation that began in August 2011, Garcia said. Earlier this year, another deputy was indicted in the case, then fired.

The allegations involve sexual misconduct between jail staff and other employees as well as between jailers and inmates.
Sheriff Garcia:
said the sexual activity happened in the laundry rooms at the 1200 Baker and 1307 Baker jails.

The inmates having sex with the jailers were adult women. When asked how many were involved, Garcia said only, "numerous."

The internal investigation began last year when an inmate was found with a pair of tennis shoes, considered contraband.

"Then the ball of yarn began to unravel," Garcia said.
The story also offered up this tidbit about the frequency of past, similar infractions: "Since 2007, there have been more than 20 officers and civilians who were either suspended without pay or fired for having inappropriate relations or contact with inmates, including kissing, intimate touching, indecent exposure, providing contraband or engaging in sexual relations, according to a Houston Chronicle review of disciplinary records."


DeathBreath said...

To this very day, even after over twenty years in TDCJ-ID, I cannot for the life of me understand why employees mess around with offenders. People you would never ever suspect are often caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

Offenders, most always, rat you out. I've never heard a story to the contrary. I know the Texas AG has fairly sophisticated surveillance equipment.

They can place a wire an offender and/or place small cameras almost anywhere. I am happy they do this because there is nothing worse than an employee compromised by an offender. Sex is cheap inside stir.

TDCJ-ID had to take over a state jail facility in Travis county because of the widespread security breeches that were occurring. Private Prison guards were trading sex for KFC. Offenders were freely passing between male & female sections of the facility through a hole they made in the cinder block wall. It was a big mess.

If you work in a prison facility or otherwise, I urge you to buy, "Games Criminals Play." If you want to continue, you need to be incarcerated with them.

ckikerintulia said...

Games (some)COs play.

Anonymous said...

Folks do not believe the crap that the liberal not worth being toilet paper Houston chronicle puts out on sheriff Adrian Garcia's control over the jail. Here are some facts worth reading:

1) 02-25-2011: detention officer drake Jackson exposed his penis to a female inmate. He was charged with a felony in the 339th district court under cause number 12967500. He pled to probation or deferred (same thing) for two years thanks to liberal democrat judge Maria Jackson on 10-04-2011. NOTHING MENTIONED TO THE PUBLIC ABOUT THAT.

2) 05-25-2011: a female inmate by the name of Sanjuana Gonzales Aguilar who was serving time at the Harris County jail for child support violation, encountered a predator by the name of detention officer Guillermo Martinez JR who although have been hired prior to Adrian Garcia taking office, is a big Adrian Garcia fan and a close friend of his. This predator groped the buttocks of female inmate Sanjuana Gonzales Aguilar (unwanted unwarranted official oppression sexual advances). She fought and complained. Her husband was in disbelief. Regardless of their criminal history, she should not have been exposed to this element.
Detention officer Guillermo Martinez JR and again the sheriff's buddy, was lucky because the orders came in an indirect way to manipulate the investigation, and no criminal charges were pursued. Martinez gets 15 days off, even after bringing to the sheriff's attention that this sexual predator had a prior suspension under tommy Thomas in 2005 for inappropriate conduct with a female inmate. This time he upgrades to forcing himself onto a female inmate and only gets 15 days off.

3) the sheriff was forced to answer to this one because the husband of the female inmate went to the media. The sheriff's response: I brought with me the right administration am upgraded the supervisors who will help me gain the public trust back. Sounds familiar? Just like the question about the movie, he never answers the question.

4) the administration that he speaks off:
A-Major Jes Garza forced to retire.
B- Major James Kirk fired for sexual harassment of female employees at internal affairs and an unaccounted number of inamate female victims.
C- Major Doguim, pulled a gun and engaged in a physical fight with his channel 13 reporter mistress and was forced to retire from the FBI.
D- Major Tello, indicted for stealing money while w HPD and strong arming the cantinas. Hires attorney rusty Hardin, pays $150K and gets the case expunged but not his co-defendant.
E- Major Davis. Goes to the doctor has an accidental discharge of his firearm, tells everyone that it was construction workers and leaves, the nurses call internal affairs. A bullet whole was found in his 10XL size jacket and the examining room floor that he was in.
F- Chief snake Smith. His wife who is an attorney, was donating money to the Adrian Garcia campaign under the Alias Darlene Payne, while her fat husband was shedding tears when tommy Thomas lost.
G- Major Wong: Do I really need to say anything besides incompetent????

The intentions were to keep the entire sex scandal from the media until after the elections. A week from last Thursday, the sheriff thought that he had a meeting with people who he can trust to keep the event from airing but it leaked. What's the deal sheriff besides your disciplinary file and horrible failed record in 4 years, it seems like someone on the inside betrayed you? Are you losing control? And was it ok to keep these female inmates endangered for another month, or second for your personal campaign interest???

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:06, Anything about high-ranking civilians?