Monday, March 11, 2013

Arlege declared "actually innocent" of 1983 stabbing death

The Court of Criminal Appeals last Wednesday finally overturned the 1984 murder conviction of Randolph Eugene Arlege of Navarro County, approving a habeas corpus writ that declared him "actually innocent" of the stabbing death of Carolyn Armstrong. Authorities say they will continue to search for the actual killer. After the trial court recommended habeas relief, AP reported that the false conviction was based on malicious testimony by supposed eyewitnesses that was ultimately debunked by DNA testing. Arlege had a past criminal history and two co-conspirators in an armed robbery testified against him, according to AP.  "One of those witnesses has since admitted to lying about Arledge due to a personal dispute." AP added that, "Arledge became the 118th person in Texas state courts to have his conviction overturned, according to the University of Michigan's national registry of exonerations."

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Thomas R. Griffith said...

Hey Grits, 1st. Congrats to Mr. Arlege and welcome back to the freeworld. As a member of the
"1984-Klub" you are challenged to do good things and if you take time away from your family and love ones to join any stages of the criminal justice system reform movement - consider addressing the Non-DNA, Non Death Row casulties from the comfort of your home. Healing from this will take a long time but doing so with the collaboration of family as you consider a Book or TV Documentary will do wonders as it will help others deal with their own PTSD. God bless and have a good day.

2nd, before someone starts a friggin stop watch, let it be known that Mr. Arlege isn't being coddled and hugged by pro-criminal elements. He's a damn robber and paid his debt to society where along the way he was utilized in the game of "Crossing off Crimes".

Now, the taxpayers' of the entire state of confusion aka: Texas will pitch in to pay him to forgetaboutit. Those that got paid to participate in his railroading will not be punished as they are allowed to simply forgetaboutit. One thing is for certain: (DNA / Non-DNA) this isn't an isolated incident, it isn't just being reported in Texas & there's no amount of money that'll allow the crime victim's family and / or the VOTS "victim of the system" to ever forgetaboutit. This is a life sentence and we are living it with the "victims' at large", like it or not. Thanks.