Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Video, resources from location tracking conference

Here's the full 9+ hour video from the conference I attended on Sunday at the Yale Law School on location tracking and biometrics. The meat of it gets started around the 40 minute mark with Christopher Soghoian's remarks. I'll continue to write up my notes over the rest of the week (having begun here and here) but the video is available for anyone who wants to see it for themselves. Also, here's a collection of articles by presenters prepared by the folks at Yale Law School's Information  Society Project which hosted the event. And a privacy blogger compiled an additional list of resources related to the various speakers and themes that came up during the day.

There was also an extensive twitter feed associated with the conference, but I will caution that I've spotted transcription errors here and there in some of the tweets and would hesitate to rely on them for sourcing regarding specific fact bites. There are, however, links to related resources peppered throughout and overall they give a good sense of the event.

I learned a lot there and the issues covered will only grow in importance in the coming years. So read up! This isn't the last time you're going to be hearing about these topics.

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