Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Acronym of renamed regulatory agency for cops must be pronounced "Tickle"

Let's get back into the post-holiday swing of things by delving into the really important stuff ... This year the legislature shortened the unwieldy moniker of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) - an agency known universally as "Tee-close," which oversees licensing and training of Texas law enforcement officers - to the admittedly less cumbersome Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCLE).

This brings up the question for anyone who deals with the agency: How to pronounce the new acronym? How do you say, "TCLE"? Agency folks are promoting the boring pronunciation "Tee-clee," which Grits finds utterly uninspiring. I prefer the suggestion from Rob Kepple at the Texas District and County Attorney's Association, who told the audience at the summer legislative update Grits attended that they're promoting the pronunciation of TCLE as "Tickle." That clearly the best choice by any rational criteria.

Grits earnestly encourages readers to promote the "Tickle" pronunciation of TCLE widely in every day use. And be sure to correct others around you if they pronounce it the other way. How else will they learn? ;)

The agency's name only just officially changed over the weekend. Now's the chance to make a less boring, more playful and pleasant nickname stick. And really, they brought it on themselves by choosing it, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

They are actually going by the acronym "TCOLE," and pronouncing it Tee Cole.

Adam said...

I hope they do call it TCOLE because otherwise no one is going to take them seriously.

rodsmith said...

it's too late Adam most of America and the world moved American justice into the joke catageory decades ago.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Whenever somebody says it that way, be sure to correct them, preferably in front of others. One doesn't properly pronounce prepositions in acronyms. That's especially true when there is a perfectly viable pronunciation of the shorter option, TCLE, aka "Tickle." :)

DEWEY said...

After watching some of the arrest videos, "TACKLE" may be more appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Grits, up until now I never thought about the following.

Considering when a bad cop has a bad day & takes it out on the first kid that makes him / her trott in the hot sun, decides to slap the shit out of or kicks his nuts up into his throat is caught on camera - could the wronged person sue those that taught / trained the officer? Sounds like a Post idea in a Comment, but with all of the citizens' being harmed by those that swore to protect & serve getting off the hook or sliding off it, I'm forced to be serious.

Of course, anyone can sue anyone, (I'm hoping that the answer is Yes and that the next time someone is wrongfully: beat down or killed by a Public Servant, that they sue the pants off the teachers' of the bad conduct.) Hopefully, including the Mayor, Sheriff, Police Cheif & all assigned training Partners of the offending city will be included for good measure.

As it is now, they enjoy self imposed immunity to a degree. The very moment that the TCLE folks are included in a Law-Suit you can bet that the next class is armed with a Dont' Do This List. Or, will be forced to sign papers that releases the TCLE from any future litigation. Land of the loopholes. Insert fiddles here & Tickle this.