Saturday, December 19, 2015

Vicissitudes: Leaving IPOT

Well, I suppose Grits must rip off the band aid: Your correspondent submitted his resignation as Executive Director of the Innocence Project of Texas recently and will leave the organization at the end of the month.

People all around the Texas criminal justice system have been incredibly kind and supportive in the short time I held the job, but things didn't work out.

Bottom line: This wasn't a good fit and I wasn't happy. C'est la vie. Grits' life will improve as a result.

No telling where I'll land yet but I'm looking forward, not back. Thanks for your support, folks. Grits isn't going anywhere. I was at all this reform work for a decade before anybody paid me a dime. It'll take more than an abrupt bout of unemployment to roust this particular hobo off of this particular train.