Friday, May 20, 2016

Bikers organizing around Twin Peaks cluster#@*! in Waco

Bikers are organizing to protest the kangaroo court spectacle in Waco in the aftermath of last year's  Twin Peaks biker shootout. If you don't remember (since most of the press outside of Waco seems to have forgotten), bikers killed five people in a dispute that escalated to gunplay while four other bikers were killed by police snipers who were stationed outside the gathering, according to ballistics reports.

That was a tragedy. But the real travesty of justice came when police rounded up 192 people at the scene and JP W.H. “Pete” Peterson, a retired state trooper and non-attorney, ordered one million dollar bail amounts for 177 of them. In all, "154 bikers have been indicted on first-degree felony charges that allege they were acting as members of a criminal street gang that day," reported the Tribune-Herald's Tommy Witherspoon. Courts have upheld those actions (blind justice, indeed!), but it's clear most of those people weren't involved in the shootout and needn't ever have been arrested. No one has yet to be brought to trial and some have speculated that the only people against whom authorities have evidence are already dead.

Check out this lengthy news/conference presentation by the National Council of Clubs, a coalition of motorcycle clubs:

And here's part two:

Man, I miss Sputnik. Wish he was here for this one.

Meanwhile, in Waco Tuesday, an attorney filed  motion asking for District Attorney Abel Reyna to be disqualified from prosecuting the Twin Peaks cases. Reported the Tribune-Herald:
McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna should be disqualified from prosecuting cases arising from the Twin Peaks biker shootout because he overstepped his authority by “commandeering” the investigation, a Houston attorney said Tuesday.

“There is a big difference between advising and commandeering,” attorney Abigail Anastasio said.
Anastasio represents Ray Nelson, 42, president of the Hill County Cossacks and one of 154 bikers indicted in the May 17, 2015, shootout at Twin Peaks in Waco that left nine bikers dead and more than 20 wounded.

She filed a motion Tuesday in Waco’s 54th State District Court seeking to disqualify Reyna and assistants Michael Jarrett and Mark Parker from prosecuting the Twin Peaks cases because she alleges they are potential witnesses because of the way Reyna inserted himself into the investigation on the evening of the shootout.

“They started calling the shots,” Anastasio alleged in a press conference after filing the motion. “They were the ones who determined the course of the investigation, what steps to be taken next, without law enforcement having a significant role in that.”
See also the Tribune-Herald's Tommy Witherspoon's summation of the story so far published on the anniversary of the event.


Anonymous said...

Twin Peaks tragedy has a "branch Davidian" tragedy smell!

Anonymous said...

Waco police is known for covering up and withholding evidence! Baylor's football program sexual assault(S) is still unfolding if, not for Sports Illustrated the truth would have never come.

Anonymous said...

DPS snipers in strategic po positions with silencers on their rifles hours in advance. It is obvious law enforcement had bad intentions.

Anonymous said...

I reckon there is at least a 78% probability that Reyna consulted with John Bradley the afternoon this stunt was pulled.

Anonymous said...

Who da fuk is "John Bradley"?