Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Previewing Texas Lege hearings on #CJReform next week

Next Monday and Tuesday will be full days at the capitol for criminal-justice reform topics, with three different committees holding hearings relevant to the subjects covered on this blog. The Legislative Reference Library helpfully compiled these background resources regarding the interim charges those panels will consider:

House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence (May 16) 
Charge: Asset forfeiture
House Committees on Corrections and Criminal Jurisprudence (Joint Hearing, May 17) 
Charge: Probation & parole - fees and revocations
Senate Committee on Criminal Justice  (May 17)
Charge 3: Reentry programs provided by TDCJ and the Windham School, including inmates in administrative segregation; Certified Peer Support Services; Darrington Seminary Program   
Charge 4: Pretrial diversion and treatment programs   
Charge 5: Dissemination of bulk criminal records   
Charge 6: Costs for family members to maintain contact with incarcerated family members    


He's Innocent said...


You continue to amaze me with all the research and policy papers you provide to your readers. This post, and all those links was AMAZING.

Thank you again for all you do. (And to your little elves over at the lege library!)

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Yeah, this one was ALL on the Lege Library. They are an utterly unappreciated gem of a state resource. And one of my favorite places in the capitol to relax, read, and regroup. They have THE most helpful librarians I've ever personally worked with (with apologies to the wonderful and also-incredibly helpful librarians at the State Law Library and the local Foundation Center library at the Hogg Foundation, all of whom have been very kind to me over the years).

Mark M. said...

I agree that these resources are invaluable. Thank you. I will make it a point to look around in the lege library when I make it back to beautiful Austin.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

@Mark, their website is quite useful, too. Their daily clips are an excellent one-stop shopping spot for TX news.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to post about David Glickler from San Marcos

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Probably not, 6:45. I'm not sure there are any broader implications to the story besides just what's happening to him. If I wrote about every judge/prosecutor/cop arrested for misdemeanors this blog would be nothing but that.

Anonymous said...

"...fraudulently obtaining nearly $45 million in Medicare funds...."

Hey suckers, all these crooks are ripping off the taxpayers--that's you and me! Now they want to let these thugs use that loot to defend themselves in court! So, after they steal from you (the taxpayer) they want to use your money to be back on the street stealing from you again!