Saturday, May 21, 2016

Links on Texas criminal records policy

As two House committees prepare for a joint hearing on Wednesday related to criminal records in Texas, the Legislative Reference Library offered these links for anyone preparing for the event:

May 25 Top
Joint charge: Criminal records
Last week, the LRL gave this link list for a related hearing in the Senate Criminal Justice Committee which included these additional links:

Charge 5: Dissemination of bulk criminal records   


Anonymous said...

As expected, no new provisions for the release of audio/video and written reports in the cases of officer involved shootings. Texas cops kill more people than the death penalty, but due to the bulk background check industry, citizens can't investigate an officer involved shooting.

Wake up Grits. Highlight this issue.

Anonymous said...

Very true. But, the police and fire unions are leftist organizations that protects them and they are not responsible for their actions.

Anonymous said...

The Innocence Project lies to get guilty criminals off. Read about Professor David Protess of the Innocence Project:

A man is suing Northwestern and other parties for $40 million after he says he was coerced to plead guilty to a double homicide and spent 15 years in prison following revelations by an NU journalism class.
Alstory Simon filed a lawsuit Tuesday in the U.S. District Court of Northern Illinois seeking redress for the time he spent in prison after he says he was wrongfully incarcerated for the killings. Cook County prosecutors threw out his conviction in October.
The suit alleges the University, former Medill Prof. David Protess as well as private investigator Paul Ciolino and Simon’s then-attorney Jack Rimland “conspired to frame Simon for the murders.”