Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Another argument against annual legislative sessions

The stuff we can think of to criminalize in this country just blows me away. Missouri just moved to legalize bare-handed fishing. My question: What genius decided to make it illegal in the first place? Have you ever tried to catch a fish with your hands?

Telling fisherman they can't catch but X number of fish per day is a reasonable conservation measure. But the government telling fishermen whether to fish with a hook and line or their bare hands is the kind of law that indicates some legislators have too much time on their hands.

Texas' Legislature meets just 4-1/2 months every two years, and in 78 biennial meetings they've managed to create 1,941 separate felonies. Thank God Texas doesn't have annual legislative sessions. There's no telling what they'd find time to make illegal, then.


thehim said...

I never even knew people did that until I saw it on a King of the Hill episode last year.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

These guys, "noodlers" they called themselves, had their own illegal organization of outlaw fishermen who had to meet in secret like they were political dissidents!