Sunday, January 02, 2005

Dallas has a new sheriff in town

Lupe Valdez was sworn in Friday as the new Dallas County sheriff. She's the first Latina, the first openly gay person, and the first Democrat in a long damn time to hold that countywide office.

The Dallas News
yesterday had a good profile of Valdez, while on the op ed page of that paper she shared her New Year's resolutions. UPDATE: The Dallas Voice also profiled Valdez this week, and the Dallas News elsewhere named Valdez number 6 on their top ten Texans of the year, a list probably aptly headed by presidential political adviser Karl Rove.

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Sister Geoff said...

She's a she, openly gay, a minority, and a democrat. Were you to throw together a list of attributes I would say would make one fall on their face in most red states those would have to be near the top.

I stand corrected.