Tuesday, April 26, 2005

University free speech bill finally moves

Well, if gays can't marry, at least legislation moving in the Texas House will ensure they get to complain about it on college campuses.

More than six weeks after its
hearing, the Texas House Higher Education Committee yesterday passed out HB 487 by Chavez, which mandates that universities must use the least restrictive means possible in regulating time, place and manner of free speech on campus. Last session, identical legislation was scheduled for a vote on the House floor the day the Democrats left for Ardmore.

This time around, the bill ran into some trouble when it was portrayed
early on as protecting racist speech targeting immigrants at UT Austin. Apparently, though, strong bi-partisan support, along with a public education effort portraying free speech as an American value, not liberal or conservative, revived the legislation.

Thanks to Chairman Geanie Morrison and the Higher Ed Committee for kicking this thing out. If everybody stays in town, maybe it can pass this year.

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