Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Uncertain blogging

A good number from our ACLU of Texas legislative committee, mostly volunteers, spent last weekend unwinding in Uncertain, Texas on Caddo Lake to celebrate the end of the 79th Texas Legislature's regular session. Adina has a nice post commemorating the event.

You can tell Adina, who heads ACLU of Texas' "Cyberliberties" project, spent the last few months slugging it out toe-to-toe with SBC over the provision of
municipal wireless: Her East Texas geography and analysis of rural water politics is interspersed with notations regarding which small town has free wireless Internet access. :-) Playing the role of municipal wireless evangelist, she spent a fair amount of energy last Saturday trying to convince the Mayor of Uncertain, literally a backwater fishing hamlet with a population of maybe 150, that wireless Internet access would draw more tourists to the area. Hizzoner rightly worried such an initiative would be viewed as contradicting the campaign slogan on which he'd just
won election this May: "Don't change a goddamn thing." I don't think she's getting too far with that target, but Adina's one of my favorites.

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