Wednesday, June 01, 2005


More evidence that accuracy is optional in modern forensic science:

Roma Khana and Steve McVicker at the Houston Chronicle report today that the Houston PD crime lab
fabricated evidence of drug crimes without performing tests in at least four cases. The four cases were all identified by supervisors before the evidence made it to court, but there's no telling if other cases slipped through, and one of the technicians responsible still works there. Reporting results without performing the tests is called "drylabbing."

In related news, the Chronicle's McVicker reported Monday that Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal
suppressed ballistics evidence that would have cleared Anibal Rousseau, who was sentenced to death row 16 years ago. The concealed ballistics evidence supporting his claim of innocence was discovered four years ago, but the Harris DA is still fighting his release.

See previous Chronicle coverage on Houston's crime lab woes. More from BlogHouston and Injustice Anywhere.


Fred said...

When I watch an episode of CSI on television - I think of the Houston crime lab. Hah!

Gritsforbreakfast said...

I literally can't watch CSI for that reason. Having read about the myriad bungles in Houston and at the DPS crime labs, I watch five minutes, think, "What a friggin joke," and usually flip over to Comedy Central.

tank said...

Just this morning, I watch a movie and I don't even know what's the title. It just caught my attention. The main lead are jamie foxx and jennifer garner, and it all about investigation and Middle East! THe movie is mind blowing especialy the scenes!