Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What happens to bad drug task force cops after they're ousted?

In the "Where are they now (and why should I care)?" department, Lauri brings us up to speed on defrocked Chambers County task force assistant commander Dearl Hardy's new career as a Christian evangelical country music star. Ooh, gross. Check out his website biography, which doesn't even mention his disgraceful stint as a peace officer. Lauri rightfully points to Nate Blakeslee's Texas Observer coverage for more on that ignominious history.

Oh well, at least he got rid of the mullet.


datenschwanz said...

I emailed this doofus. here is his reply:

Your e-mail shows your intelligence level from the beginning you idiot. You cant even spell disgrace. And you don't have the guts to even put your name on the e-mail LOL! if you think it bothers me you are so mistaken hee..hee... I'll wave at you at the music awards show make sure you watch ok. bye now looser enjoy yourself tomorrow because I am having a blast. :) Oh yes be sure you are familiar with the scripture that says "touch not my anointed and harm not my profits" because you will answer for every thought you have against me. judge not lest ye be judged. and you will be judged by the Lord with the same standards as you judge me, so you better hope you are not wrong my friend, and you are very wrong. I am innocent, completely innocent and the Lord knows it. That is why He is blessing me in the manner He is. Think about it Einstein!
Dearl Hardy

and this veiled threat...

gotcha! see ya soon

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yes, folks, he's gonna go places...

Sarah said...

Sounds like someone has been taking pointers from Richard Scrushy!