Thursday, April 06, 2006

From the blogs

  • Treatment cheaper than incarceration. CrimProf blog brings news of a new study that found California saves $2.50 to $4.00 in incarceration costs for every dollar spent on drug treatment.

  • Private prison blues. South Texas Chisme says LULAC is criticizing a private prison company building a federal detention facility near Driscoll, declaring the company has a history of escapes and prisoner abuse.


Catonya said...

Wichita Falls schools jumped on the drug testing band wagon. Those that test positive are suspended from playing sports for a period of time + a 2 week school suspension.

So the kids who have a problem get a 2 week vacation and hinder their education.
makes so much sense...

Someone said...

Yeah, what's next, maybe next we can put the kids parents in jail who test positive! Like we don't have enough people in jail. This drug testing kids in high school is ridiculous. I have no problem with parents testing their own kids although I wouldn't recommend it. But the school requiring it is ridiculous!! I wouldn't allow my kid to be tested.

Anonymous said...

"Officer posing as high schooler
leads drug sting"

This was in the Boston Globe today. Seems as though a young female undercover officer went to school in Falmouth, MA and bought drugs. No need to drug test em there. Turns out they arrested 4 seventeen year old, 4 sixteen year olds, and one 14 year old.

I can't believe this. Undercover in a highschool. Is this nuts or what?