Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hecho en Mexico

Hilarious, in an ironic sort of way: The Google Ad that pops up next to this Grits post suggesting a "green" immigration agenda, a reader emails to remark, points to a website encouraging US business to outsource jobs to Mexico, touting 75% reductions in labor costs.
Mexico Manufacturing
Try manufacturing in Mexico & save up to 75% or more on labor costs!
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That's one reason why it makes a lot of sense to suggest a "Tex-Mex Marshall Plan," as referenced earlier; the economy is like a river - it's a lot easier to steer it in the direction it's already headed. A Marshall-plan-style investment in Mexico coupled with a "green" trade agenda like that described in the above-linked post would do more to reduce illegal immigration in the medium to long run than any new raft of criminal statutes or wall-building boondoggle.


Writer said...

It occurs to me that either way the U.S. would be providing jobs for Mexicans. The only difference would be that the jobs would be there instead of here. Nothing wrong with that, simply pointing out that in the end, Mexico's Government abdicates their responsibility to their people.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Hi Shaine,

Perhaps we provide the jobs either way, but if it's done using trade and investement policy, you don't also have to spend billions on ever-more Border Patrol, building new detention facilities, prosecuting employers, a border wall, etc., and the bad consequences for ranchers and others on the border would diminish. Also, the expansion of the Mexican middle class would create a new market for US exports. This is a US public policy question that should be pursued based on our own best interests; the Mexican government is what it is, the question is what can we do about it?

Unknown said...

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