Saturday, August 19, 2006

Back from Mexico

After a much needed four-week vacation, Kathy and I made it back last night from Mexico City. Regular posting will resume shortly

Thanks so much to the guest bloggers who kept the content coming in my absence, especially Alan Bean whose prolific writing provided the backbone of Grits' posts while I was gone. Thanks, too, to Judge Susan Criss, Marc Levin and Isela Gutierrez for their welcome contributions. I greatly appreciate their willingness to pinch hit while I was away.

I've put up couple of additional items about our vacation on my personal blog, including an item on the current political crisis, and I'll have maybe one or two more to come about our trip - we had a wonderful time, and if it weren't for getting to sleep in my own comfortable bed and see my three dogs, I have to say I wish I were still there, and not just because of the fabulous weather. I really love Mexico, and every time I go I see and learn more things to like about it.

Anyway, more blogging here soon (as I look at my packed email box I see a lot of backlog to cover) and thanks to all for reading.

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