Monday, August 28, 2006

Cats and dogs lying down together

In the shameless self-promotion department: The Texas Association of Counties' County magazine (sort of an industry publication aimed at Texas county officials), published a feature this month describing an emerging bipartisan consensus in Texas for reforming the state's criminal justice system. Writer Jim Lewis finds the trend as odd as cats and dogs lying down together, but in a lot of ways it's as natural as the sunrise - what's odd is to think why small government conservatives would support Texas having the world's biggest prison system?

Anyway, I'm quoted, along with the Texas Public Policy Foundation's Marc Levin (much more extensively), as well as Shannon Edmonds who lobbies for the prosecutors' association. It's a nice package of articles covering topics about which regular Grits readers will be familiar, but I'm glad to see
County magazine pick up on the subject. See the pdf version of the current issue, the articles start on page 10 and a Grits posting from 2005 is reprinted on p. 16.

The blog reference especially tickles me because of a familial connection: my grandfather, W.D. Henson, was a founder and the first president of the Texas Association of Counties - he was county judge of Dallam County up in the Texas Panhandle for 29 years.

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Anonymous said...

The " PEOPLE RANCHING " business in Texas is very profitable. If these career politicians are banning together, WE SHOULD ALL BE VERY CAREFUL! I will wait and see, but I find it very difficult to believe common sense tactics such as releasing all non-violent drug offenders from jails and prisons is any where on their agenda! That would show to much common sense, while relieving the tax burden on us all, while costing these profiteers, NOT LIKELY!!! It will more than likely be another dog and pony show, to cut cost at the expense of those doing time and putting more hardship on them and their loved ones in the name of self righteousness!! Does anybody think these career politicians are going to give up their soap box election gimmick, OF TOUGH ON CRIME, especially when it‘s on your dime??? Fear is almost as powerful a tool and weapon as blind faith and ignorance is!!!

Rusty White

Anonymous said...

Rusty: they certainly won't if we assume they won't and don't make demands on the system. Cynicism can be a greater barrier to success than one's opposition.