Thursday, August 31, 2006

Help Restorative Justice Ministries!

The Restorative Justice Ministries Network (RJMN) office in Huntsville was torched!

RJMN is a statewide, grassroots network of local church prison ministries that plays a role the state of Texas ought to pay for but doesn't. (I've blogged about RJMN before, attentive readers will recall.)

Headquartered in Huntsville, the group connects ex-convicts with social networks and services when they leave prison. Their leader, former TDCJ head prison chaplain Emmett Solomon, is one of the most gentle, good-hearted people you'd ever hope to meet and a genuine "compassionate conservative." Read below about their current, dire situation. I don't usually suggest donations, but if you've got spare to give, this is a worthy cause. Here's what happened, in Emmett's own words:

In the early morning hours of August 3, the RJMN office building was broken into. A new computer was stolen and the office was set on fire in 5 places.

A passing motorist saw the flames through the window and sounded the alarm. The firemen arrived and put out the fire. However, there was so much heat and smoke that the four remaining computers, printers, fax and other office equipment melted. The office furniture was rendered useless and the building was damaged beyond repair.

The First Baptist Church across the street is loaning us office space at this time. We are only now getting our communications going well enough to announce our tragedy to our network.

Through other means, some of our people heard about the fire. About 20 of them have sent generous donations for disaster relief. Those gifts have been such a blessing!

Over the years we have not asked you for financial help, however now we need your help!

If each of our many friends will just send a few dollars, together we can continue the ministry which God has raised up. I do not believe that the Evil One will prevail.

Please send your disaster relief donation to:

Restorative Justice Ministries Network
1229 Avenue J
Huntsville, TX 77340

Please mark your gift "disaster relief."

Grace and Peace,
Emmett Solomon, Director
Restorative Justice Ministries Network

ps: We believe that a local street person who was angry about our ministering to ex-offenders is the thief and arsonist.

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