Tuesday, August 29, 2006

TPPF forum on victims rights and restorative justice

Can't believe I let Doc Berman beat me to posting on an upcoming luncheon organized by recent Grits-guest blogger Marc Levin at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. (It's happening in Austin Tuesday Sept. 12 from 11:30 to 1 - register for the event here.) I even signed up to attend, but for some reason didn't think to blog. As penance for letting him scoop me, I'll quote Doc's post in its entirety, including his afterlinks:
Today I received an e-mail from the Texas Public Policy Foundation discussing an interesting program next month entitled "Giving Victims a Voice." Details about the event can be found here, where this description is given:

In every criminal prosecution today, it is the state versus the accused, but what about the individual victim of the crime? Do Texas crime victims deserve more rights, restitution, and most of all, a greater ability to influence prosecutions and sentencing? Are offender and victim rights really a zero-sum game, or can enhanced victim involvement lead to more restorative sentences and better offender outcomes? Join us for this Policy Primer: Giving Victims a Voice, as we explore these questions and more.

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