Sunday, September 10, 2006

Governor's ad avoids debating real border problems

"If Washington won't protect our borders, Texas will," Governor Rick Perry says defiantly in his campaign commercial "Borders." (See the campaign ad.)

From whom, one wonders, will the Governor so valiantly protect us? From housekeepers, janitors and restaurant workers, perhaps? From construction crews or the people who harvest grapefruit? From gardeners, hotel staff? Or maybe from the employees of these gentlemen?

Perhaps he's going to protect us from the drug-related violence that already affects the daily lives of people living in the border region?

No, we find out soon enough. He's protecting us from "terrorists." That's right, "terrorists."

Texas is funding a "border-wide crime-control effort led by local law enforcement" (Read: Operation Linebacker) that will protect Texans from "terrorists," he said, with nary a mention of immigration, drug violence or organized crime. I guess campaign season is in high gear, and with it comes an end to reasoned debate about real security risks and solutions.

"Terrorists." Please. Ask any shopkeeper in Laredo if that's their biggest concern! For links to debunked claims of "terrorist" incursions across the Texas border, go here, here, and here.

There are plenty of serious, more immediate public safety problems to focus one's attention at the Texas-Mexico border. I wish the Governor would speak to those subjects so voters can assess his positions on issues he will actually decide when bills addressing immigration, employment, the border economy and the drug war pass in the coming legislative session.

Via ImmigrationProf Blog. See also Paul Burka's analysis of the ad - he calls the ad's assertions about terrorists "silly."

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Anonymous said...


As long as we continue to elect career politicians, how can we expect anything different? Big business wants the cheap labor, labor that is to afraid to speak due to being deported. Slave labor without all the hassles. There making more money than they ever have, both worker and EMPLOYER!! Workers safety, taxes and laws are not a problem, IF THE OVERSEERS CAN DEPORT " ANYBODY " WILLING TO STAND UP!

Strange how they could have the same work force LEGALY, " BUT " then again ALL THE RULES AND TAXES AND LAWS WOULD APPLY! That means less PROFITS! Is ANYBODY stupid enough to believe big business is going to give up profits??? Do you really believe they care about the hundred of years of working conditions and safety standards the American workers have suffered and many died for? GET REAL! All these PROFETEERS care about IS THE BOTTOM LINE!!!!

We must step back and use logic and reality to address this problem. not political hype and BS!

1. The reality is, as long as there are illegally reasons such as jobs and benefits for these people, THEY WILL CONTINUE TO COME, PERIOD! No matter what kind of wall we build, in the end it will be just another of the MANY " TORTILLA CURTAINS " we already have now!

2. As long as business can use third world workers and conditions to make profits. Even KNOWING it is cutting the throats of American workers and their families, THEY WILL!!! We have all heard the lies about, these workers only do the jobs Americans will not do, BSSSS!! Look at the construction industry!!! Americans REFUSE to work for third world wages and working conditions! Nor turn their backs on the sacrifices made by those before them!!!

3. Address the problem NOT THE BS POLITICS! Or could it be politics is the real problem????

4. As long as we have career politicians IN BED WITH AND IN THE POCKETS OF BIG BUSINESS! American workers and their families WILL CONTINUE to have their throats cut so these PUKES CAN ENHANCE THEIR PROFITS!!!

Those that come legally, pay taxes and demand respect and uphold the working conditions and wages THOSE BEFORE US FAUGHT AND DIED FOR, your welcome. Those here just to make a dollar, not caring if they are cutting Americans workers throats, BACK TO MEXICO, and take your profiteering employer WITH YOU! The jobs in this country should be for AMERICANS FIRST , and not at third world wages and working conditions, NONE of these employers live like that, why should the workers??? WE ARE NOT A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY “”” YET “””!!!!!

You want change, vote the politicians out of office! This election VOTE ONLY FOR THOSE THAT " HAVE NOT " BEEN IN OFFICE!!!IMPO!!!

Rusty White