Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Oren's story

What does war in Africa have to do with illegal immigration at the Mexican border? You might be surprised. The SA Express News' Beyond the Border blog has an interesting piece up by Mariano Castillo telling the story of Oren, a Sudanese refugee caught by the Border Patrol after crossing the Rio Grande.

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800 pound gorilla said...

We have a two tiered policy with regards to 'asylum'. For countries with autocratic 'clients' that allow free access to multinationals and don't use anti US rhetoric as a mainstay of populist politics applicants are promptly returned to host countries. For nonclient states like Venezuala, Cuba, and Iran, refugees are welcomed with open arms and with minimal harassment. For many of the latter "political correct" applicants for asylum, preference is often given for employment and housing to give them a running start on success.

For a country like the Sudan, which is currently neither a client or pariah, the tendency is to err on the side of who's in charge. Returning "fugitives" will tend to endear the USA to those in power. This policy is not dependent on which party is in power - unless a Democrat can somehow get elected without negating Cuban expatriates or drawing heavily on money from multinational corporations who utilize crony capitalistic practices in many autocratic regimes.