Thursday, September 28, 2006

Too sensible to make much headway

Corrections Sentencing, who I've belatedly added to the blogroll, says my proposed public safety agenda for Texas was "intentionally provocative," and "too sensible to make much headway." I hope the latter's not true, but I liked the quote so much I've added it to Grits' sidebar. Thanks for the mention, Michael!


Renees Take said...

This should be a public safety agenda for the entire country! This is great Scott. I may pass it on to some people here in Wisconsin.

One note on a matter close to my heart: I would add one more thought. Voting rights should be automatically restored immediately upon release from prison regardless if they are on probabtion or parole, and prisons outtakes should become voter registration centers.

They work, they pay taxes, they go to school, they raise children in our society, and yet against all the principles of our democracy and in particular "taxation without representation" parolees and probationers are not allowed to vote in Texas. Some of them for 20 years or more!!!

Restoration of the right to vote should be viewed as a rehabilitative tool to encourage participation in society. It's easier and cheaper on government if everyone out of prison is automatically eligible and encouraged to vote.

For more on the the last holdout of Jim Crow laws: Felon Disenfranchisement go to

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Do you know the guy at Corrections Sentencing, Rae? He's from Wisconsin, too.

Hope everything's well with you - maybe you saw on the blog I'm actually leaving ACLUTX, so I won't see you in October, I'm afraid. Thanks for commenting!