Thursday, September 28, 2006

Laredo's Missing

Among many unsolved crimes on the border are 35 cases of missing American citizens from Laredo. One presumes they were either killed or kidnapped, likely across the river in Nuevo Laredo where there have been 155 murders by drug cartels so far this year alone. The SA Express News on Tuesday lauded new promises by authorities for increased binational cooperation to solve kidnappings and missing persons cases - I hope that will happen, but lately cooperating with US law enforcement hasn't been so healthy for Mexican police.

Perseverence by family members is really key to getting overwhelmed authorities to push these old cases to the top of the stack. Good for them for pursuing answers. One wishes the families luck and hopefully, in the end, peace of mind. Their plight is a reminder that for every victim of violence, there are many more victims left behind.

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