Monday, February 26, 2007

Haggerty: "We should be in prison for what we did in '03"

In response to HB 409 by Eissler proposing to require parolees to achieve a G.E.D to complete supervision, former Corrections Committee Chairman Pat Haggerty (R-El Paso) replied that the funding wasn't there to support it, and the failure of the Texas Legislature to provide that funding was "criminal."

The number of inmates served by the Windham School District, Haggerty told the Corrections Committee this morning, hadn't significantly increased since there were 38,000 inmates in Texas before 1993. Now we have more than 155,000 inmates, said Haggerty, and Windham School District is "probably about the same size" as in 1993. Worse, he said, Windham's budget was mercilessly slashed four years ago and never restored.

"The cuts we made in '03 ... were criminal," said Haggerty. "We should be in prison for what we did in '03."


Anonymous said...

Yeah he's right, they should all be in prison!!! With a long term sentence for being Stupid!

Anonymous said...

I agree, they should all have to spend the summer in prison and see what the lack of air conditioning does to the moral of the Inmates.

The Legislature needs to realize some of those Inmates can not even read and they need to learn the basics that most of us priviliged take for granted. The teaching needs to start there. Moral building is also lacking. If you treat someone with the total lack of respect, they in turn treat others the same way.

Most made mistakes, but the Lord forgave us by the ultimate sacrifice and TDCJ won't even give Inmates a good morning. Prison should be a place to try to make persons better and not worse. That "make them worse" is the type of system we have in Texas and something needs to be done about it and soon.

Parole those who have good records and are first time offenders and some are there only by the word of mouth of another person who lied to benefit financially from what they could take from that person and the crooked DA systems that seem to be getting worse every year.

We need to dump the whole system and creat one to help and not to make persons worse and show them that God intended for us to love each other as He loved us.