Thursday, February 15, 2007

Welcome state employee readers!

I've been pleased to notice that since the legislative session started, on average between 5-7% of Grits for Breakfast readers on weekdays come from internet domains that end in, which is the domain ending for most state agencies, including legislators and their staff.

That means more than one in 20 Grits readers are probably viewing this site from a state of Texas owned computer. What's more, the increase (in the legislative offseason that percentage hovers between 1-2%) comes at a time when this blogs' readership in general has increased. I'm awfully glad, as well as flattered, that folks working on these public policy topics in state government apparently find the information here useful.

So to state employees and new readers I say "Welcome." Be sure to check out the archives, tell your friends, and if you're afraid you might miss something, you can always sign up here to receive a daily email with links to all the previous day's posts:

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Thanks for reading!


Writer said...

You know I'm a reader.

Anonymous said...

It's not so much we are reading in terms of getting our "news" here or good solid UNBIASED information, it is that we like to read the FAR LEFT LIBERAL ACLU disinformation on a subject so near and dear to the safety of ALL Texans, be they liberal, conservative or in between.

Scott, your website should contain a disclaimer that it is the product and political opinion of the ACLU, and not that of an austin liberal, which it sort of presents itself as.

Be glad that the police, prosecutors, courts and prison systems that you so handily and gleefully slam on your site protect you and your family from all sorts of evildoers.

In fact, why don't you go to work as a police officer for a year or two and see just how "real" your ideals and beliefs are when you are on the street. I opine that most of the crooks, crackheads, murderers and sex offenders that you so gleefully triumph the rights for are not such a pleasant variety of human being to deal with. Nor are they safe. Come on Scott, show me I'm wrong, join APD or TCSO for two years and see how conservative you become!

Gritsforbreakfast said...

To the last anonymous, I don't work for ACLU any longer, and at this point frankly have as little to do with the group as possible. What's more, when I did work for them, I always provided the disclaimer prominently.

I know most cops think nobody gets to have an opinion about criminal justice if they don't wear a badge, but those who pay their salaries through their taxes get a say, too, and that's the audience for this blog.

Finally, Grits for Breakfast does not spread the opinion of the ACLU, of liberals, nor for that matter of conservatives, but of one person - the blogger - who is liberal on some things, conservative on others, a lifelong Texan, and who gets to have an opinion just like everybody else.