Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Talton shows up at House Criminal Jurisprudence hearing after all

After vowing not to attend House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee hearings to protest being assigned to a committee he didn't request, Rep. Robert Talton did actually show up to the committee's first meeting. Good for him, though to be honest, watching the webcast he REALLY looks like he'd rather be somewhere else.

In any event, I was glad to see that he showed up after all - I'd hate see a legislator just slink off and pout, even a legislator I frequently disagree with. After all, his constituents deserve representation, too.

"We're going to have fun this session, aren't we?" Talton asked Will Harrell, the ACLU of Texas executive director who offered invited testimony before the committee. "Yes we are, sir" Harrell replied.

UPDATE: Jim Moran (sp?), a lobbyist for the Professional Bondsmen of Texas, was the last to testify before the committee. He took credit for personally convincing Rep. Talton to attend the meeting despite his earlier pronouncements, and Talton didn't disagree. Moran's "alter ego," Peña coaxed the lobbyist to reluctantly admit, operates a blog on Texas politics called Billy Clyde's Political Hot Tub Party. Check it out.

Also, you can watch the full hearing here.

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