Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Prison guard bloggers kicking butt

If you only look at one other blog this morning, go read everything up over at The Back Gate, the "unoffficial TDJC employee hangout." Of particular interest: Original reporting on prison gang tattoos and using inmates for experimental medical research. Good job, folks.


Anonymous said...

So they call them guards in Texas, eh? Up this way they prefer the term "correctional officer." It's less accurate, but more flattering!

Gritsforbreakfast said...

You're right, I'm not being poltically correct. I don't typically use the phrase "African American," either. ;)

Anonymous said...

GUARDS vs CORRECTIONAL OFFICER??? CO is reserved for the Professional Officers who at all times are PROS in what they do instead of the guards who are nothing more than State Paid THUGS...the Guards in Texas are asking for a pay raise, which if they get more training that enables them to be classified as COs, I will go for it.

Anonymous said...

Believe us, we agree. We are doing our best to eliminate un-professional employees with TDCJ.With this agency, and its always tarnished image, we work hard to improve what we can, on the grass roots level anyway. We need to do here what TYC needs to do, purge all the admin from the top, and our board, and start over. Professional officers know that we also need to help of offender families to succeed in ever getting a raise. They want thier loved ones to be treated fairly, and protected. If we cannot achieve this behind our walls, from our own employees, we stand to lose not only our integrity, but also any chance of being percieved as " professionals".

- thanks for reading our blog!
D. Stewart, -