Monday, April 16, 2007

Grits interviewed at PD Stuff's Monday Musings

Greg Worthen of the blog Public Defender Stuff asked me to participate in his Monday Musings column, where he submits questions to (usually) public defender bloggers and publishes their responses - sort of a getting to know you exercise. After winning an "editor's choice" award in PD Stuff's blog awards, I guess I'm now an honorary part of the club. :) Thanks for having me, Greg!

One of the questions was, "If Heaven exists, what do you think God will say to you when you arrive." My reply, naturally: "I know it's not Texas but I think you'll learn to like it here, anyway." Topics include how I gather information and choose what goes on Grits, plus other questions mostly concerning blogging and biography. See the interview.

MORE: Fight 'Em Till We Can't says April's Harper's Index contains several statistics that support assertions I made in the PD Stuff interview.

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