Saturday, April 07, 2007

Peña disputes Grits' committee assessment

I appreciated House Criminal Jurisprudence Chairman Aaron Peña taking time to respond to Grits' column yesterday on bills passed by his committee and wanted to direct readers to his comments in case you didn't read them. I try to ensure policy criticisms on Grits are fair to decisionmakers, who have a tough enough job as it is, but the cool thing about blogs is that anyone who thinks I haven't achieved that standard, including the decisionmakers themselves, are free to respond and debate the point. Thanks to Chairman Peña for taking the time to do that here.

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Anonymous said...

My comment on your discussion with CAP is that we're not eliminating the causes of crime. Better probation programs and more prisons only address the result of the causes of crime. Among others, poverty, discrimination, and apathy facilitate the continuation of crime. Until these and their partners are addressed, we're never going to stop the problem.