Monday, April 23, 2007

Texas COs to Lege: Don't Build New Prisons

The Corrections Association of Texas which represents prison workers will rally tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. to tell the Legislature, "Don't Build New Prisons," reports The Back Gate, which has details of the event here. Here's a short clip of Sgt. Samuel Davis, head of the Corrections Association of Texas, telling why the Senate and TDCJ should spend more money to staff current prisons instead of building new ones:

Regular readers know the money for prisons in the Senate's proposed budget was taken from the Texas School for the Blind - see another short video posted on YouTube by an ex-offender/activist satirizing the idea that new prisons take money from blind kids.

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Anonymous said...

The popular myth among us drug war critics is that these unions would be lobbying for harsher laws and more prisons. Maybe they should be lobbying for higher wages - to more quickly bankrupt the system and bring the current drug laws to the table for discussion and scrutiny. Nah! That would be killing the golden goose!