Thursday, January 17, 2008

UTEP Eyewitness ID Research Lab creates one-stop shopping website on police lineup procedures

Having become increasingly aware recently of faulty eyewitness identification practices commonly used by police and the wrongful convictions that can result when investigators use scientifically invalid methods, I'm increasingly under the impression that improving police lineup procedures could be a pivotal innocence reform proposed when the 81st Texas Legislature convenes in 2009.

To that end, there's really a lot of information available on the topic of improving eyewitness identification procedures on the website of UTEP's "Eyewitness Identification Research Laboratory," where you can:

Read basic information on appropriate lineup construction procedure, and how to evaluate lineup fairness.

Get our Do-It-Yourself Kit for assessing the fairness of an eyewitness identification lineup.

View a series of lineups from real cases that present certain problems of fairness, both to the suspect and to the public.

Access our research bibliographies on selected topics.

See information about the members of the Eyewitness Identification Research Laboratory.

Access publications of the Eyewitness Identification Research Laboratory.

View faculty and grad students Curriculum Vitae, and download a ".pdf" copy.

Follow links to other important sources of information in eyewitness identification research, education and training, as well as related criminal justice and psychology sites.

What a great resource! Good job, UTEP! I'll be combing through more of this material when I have time in the coming months.

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