Thursday, January 10, 2008

Where's the Potty? If you know the answer, you may be qualified to be Harris County District Attorney

From Musings, witness the degraded level of public debate it's come down to in the Harris County DA's race:

Kelly Siegler, Assistant Harris County D.A. and candidate for Romancethal's job, wants you to know that:

"To put it bluntly, Judge Lykos, Mr. Leitner and Clarence Bradford don't know where the restrooms are in the office," she said.
These are the other candidates for the Harris County District Attorney.

She's on the hot toilet seat because her husband, Dr. Sam Siegler, sent a lot of the egregious emails to his friend, embattled Harris County D.A., Chuck Rosenthal. You know the pornographic ones, the race-baiting ones.

But hey, since she can find the potty at the D.A.'s office, she's the best qualified person for the job!
Is it me or is that just surreal? I'm sure somebody will point out the restrooms to the new DA. But who will let us know that top ADA's go home every night to race-baiting dinner conversations with their porn-sharing hubby? I doubt Siegler would have ever told us. She's too busy practicing her Nancy Grace imitation and bragging that she knows how to find the toilet.

When my 15-month old granddaughter can find the potty, then I'll get excited. Coming from a candidate for District Attorney, color me unimpressed.


Anonymous said...

I'm so embarrassed to be from Harris County. I'm taking the "Native Texan" bumper sticker off of my pickup.

Anonymous said...

Never mind this topic;
check out Houston's Fox 26 news story about the e-mail with the secret code word which refers to blacks as "canadians".
This story has more legs than a spider. They are also looks into the sheriff's house, no pun intended, they're really looking into who built his house.
Grits is going to need a Harris County news bureau......

Anonymous said...

I toured the white house once and was able to find a restroom no problem, on my many trips to our state capital found the facilities without ever an accident. I also was able to find the ladies room at Fenway. Seems like I have tons of career choices I didn't even realize were available to me.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

"I also was able to find the ladies room at Fenway."

Thank you!!! That was the funniest comment I've seen in months!

Anonymous said...

My pleasure ... when are you going to come back to San Antonio for lunch ... I am sure we could get the crowd assembled in your honor.


Anonymous said...

I guess it all "Depends"

Anonymous said...

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