Friday, January 25, 2008

Who visits here? A bit of Friday afternoon navel gazing

Not a terrific shock, but according to Grits' latest reader survey, 20% of Grits readers are attorneys, 21% government workers, 6% are cops or others with a badge, and 53% identified themselves as "civilians," given those four options. In all, 466 people responded.

I wonder what other categories folks think I should have included that might comprise a significant bloc of Grits readers? Offer any suggestions in that regard in the comments.

Grits tends to average about 2,000 visitors per day on weekdays, FWIW, though I'd guess respondents tend to reflect "regulars," not all visitors. According to Google Analytics about half of Grits visitors are search engine hits, so I doubt those numbers apply to those folks.

In any event, thanks for visiting, everybody!

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Anonymous said...

I'll bet "student" would have captured many.

Anonymous said...

I think former employees.

Anonymous said...

I bet "media" would get a higher number than cops.

Anonymous said...

Judges are lawyers and Government workers.
Maybe seperate the Judges from others.

Anonymous said...

How many clergy, retired or otherwise? FWIW, I check you out almost daily.

The Rev.

Anonymous said...

family member or loved one of the incarcerated

Anonymous said...

p.s. if you havew 2000 readers a day and 466 responded to your question....that's pretty good odds!!
Mother of an Inmate

Anonymous said...

I second the one for family and loved ones of INMATES in TDCJ.
You're my first read every morning, then printed out and sent to my inmate, who posts for other inmates to read. I'm sure the tdcj staff love it. )
Thanks for the great job you do.
Just wish the powers to be would listen.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

On judges, the poll defined govt workers as non-lawyers, non-sworn, so all judges would fall under lawyers. I thought about that but figured there wouldn't be too many overall.

I agree next time student, media, and family members of the incarcerated would have all been good additions. Rev, clergy may be lower than cops - I bet I know most of them who're readers, unless I'm underestimating y'all. Who knows? Maybe in a few months we'll give it another try with more categories, and any others y'all come up with.

@ 9:01 - it's not like one in four readers answered, because it was a 7-day poll and most folks don't come by every day.

Half of Grits "hits" are from search engines which usually visit once and never return. The other half are repeat visitors. According to Google Analytics, Grits has just under 3,000 "regulars." One quarter of them, roughly, are from Austin, another quarter from Dallas and Houston combined, and the rest scattered around the state.

Still, now that I think of it, nearly 1 in 6 is still a pretty good response rate!

Anonymous said...

How about family of TDCJ COrrection Officers? We care how things are going also I know inmate families care but we feel our family members lives depend on how things go on the inside also and no judge or jury sent them there.

Anonymous said...

how about ex-inmates who have experienced the b.s. of tdcj first hand?

Anonymous said...

hey wife/mother of tdcj officer: most of us (families of inmates) understand that how things go for you and yours = how things go for us and ours.. It's our LOVED ones that are in prison not us. so don't get up on yer dew claws... we DO care, that's why we search, read and react to all things TDCJ. If good things happen to you it trickles down
to us.

Anonymous said...

"now or previously on probation or parole"