Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Establishment candidates win DA runoffs

Runoffs in District Attorney races in Harris and Travis County favored establishment candidates, with Pat Lykos winning the GOP nomination in Harris (where she'll face former police chief C.O. Bradford in the fall), and Rosemary Lehmberg beat Mindy Montford by nearly a 2-1 margin to win the Travis DA seat (there's no Republican opponent in the fall). I voted for Lehmberg in the Travis runoff, so I was glad to see her campaign succeed. Congrats to her and Judge Lykos on their victories.


Michael said...

I voted for Rosemary too. And I hope Mindy stays on in the TCDA's office. My hunch is Rosemary won't be DA for 32 years.

Anonymous said...

I for one hope Mr. Bradford wins. It is truly time for a change and he has been on both sides of the Judical System and knows what truly goes on. He has promised to clean out the DA's office, which can be the only solution to the problems that continually go on in that office althought Rosenthal has vacated the premises. You have to wash the whole apple to get it clean and changes need to be made. I for one am tired of Texas taking slack from every other State for our Judicial System which is next to what is offered in China or nearly that bad.

I know the Lord makes the decisions and may He look at the way the courts are run and do the right thing and make changes to be more fair. Texas can no longer support the habits of the District Judges in Harris County of sending everyone to prison. This has to stop and the credibility of some of the witnesses is being fed by the DAs who try the cases, some of them and their students just actually are barely above the law and if a real Judge would monitor some of the case, he would be appalled at the injustics being issued in the District Courts by elected Judges who need to be removed from their benches.

Ron in Houston said...

I just hope the incoming Harris County DA gets a large fumigation allowance to get Chuck Rosenthal's stench out of the office.

Anonymous said...

I for one hope Mr. Bradford wins. It is truly time for a change

Do you realize how conflicting these two statements are?

Bradford is almost singlehandedly responsible for the embarrassing state of the HPD crime lab. He and Mayor Brown were a perfect storm of corruption and cronyism.

Neither of the remaining candidates offer hope for change.

Anonymous said...

rage wrote: "Neither of the remaining candidates offer hope for change."

That's not necessarily true, at least in the long term. Although Bradford may not be the ideal candidate, putting the office in Democratic control offers the prospect of significant change down the road, provided Democrats can keep it. If Lykos comes in and Republicans retain control, nothing will change in the short or long term. Indeed, one of Rosenthal's proteges will probably take control in 2012 or 2016 once Lykos either retires or gets run out of town.

Anonymous said...

Lykos is on the county payroll as Special Projects for County Judge Ed Emmett. Another puppet.
The Good Ol Boys will still be in power.

Anonymous said...

7:55, change for change's sake is not a good thing.

Absolutely something needs to be done to create change. But Bradford has shown that he is incompetent in control of a large public agency. Now we want him to run a second?

He's an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...


You write as if Lykos has shown anything different. In light of the options, it is more important to the long term interests of justice in Harris County to place control of the DA's office in Democratic hands.

In any event, I'm not sure Bradford deserves all the blame. The HPD--and especially its crime lab--was horrifically underfunded by the city. In addition, problems at the lab long predated his becoming Chief.