Friday, April 11, 2008

Eldorado Roundup

I've got a feeling Grits will have much more to say about last week's DPS raid on the Eldorado polygamist compound, but for convenience sake I wanted to round up Grits' coverage so far (in order of publication) and point readers to several other key web resources on the topic.
You can all see the official chronology of events and other related information on the state Department of Family and Protective Services website.

Cicero at Red State, parses through CPS' court arguments and compiled an excellent "Appendix" including links to resources, news reports and some primary documents.

Also, here are some of the important blog sources I've been watching regarding the Eldorado polygamist raids:
If you know of other blogs that are tracking this closely, let me know. I've got a feeling all this is going to drag on for a while.

Finally, just to have mentioned it, Salt Lake City Tribune reporter Brooke Adams, who also writes The Polygamy Files (mentioned above) has been reporting circles around the 20 or so Texas reporters assigned to this story from various media, along with her sidekick photojournalist Trent Nelson. If you want to know what's going on, read their stuff. Both appear well-connected in polygamist communities, and exhibit a deep understanding of the subculture they're writing about and its history. Their published reports, both in the Tribune and on their blogs, have consistently broken stories all other media missed. They typically even seem two or three days ahead of police investigators (and counting).

I couldn't have been more pleased to discover Adams' writing, and learned a great deal recently going back to read some of her old clips.

Last updated April 22.


Ron in Houston said...

One of the things Adams notes is that the children have been separated from their fathers even if they are with their mothers.

One of the things I've noticed about CPS is that they tend to have a serious feminist misandry streak to them.

I've often told my male CPS parents, "well, you have a penis, you must be guilty of something, right?"

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Adams is really a godsend. It's like there are 20 reporters sitting around San Angelo waiting for the next press release from the DA or the Sheriff, and she and her photographer are almost literally beating the bushes for news, and certainly beating the San Angelo paper, the Dallas News, the Houston Chronicle, and everybody else to story after story.

Anonymous said...

I've been focusing more on the political shenanegans led by Rep. Harvey Hilderbran that smack of religious persecution and political obstructionism. This particular aspect seems to be getting overlooked. I don't mince words when it comes to people like Hilderbran.

Anonymous said...

Truth spreader is completely correct. the utah attorney general this "caiaphas shurtleff" got the legislature of utah to raise the age in utah from 14 to 15 because he knew this would allow the law enforcemtn to persecute the people whose religion he opposes.

And what is the difference between 14 yo and 15 yo anyway. one day??

And i can verify that none of the polyg girls are sluts and none have taken the LBT (low back tattoo). this is why they are being persecuted.

the local govrenment devils want all girls to be whores and sluts like their own wives and daughters. It makes them feel inferior when they think of the pure polyg girls but have to look at their own tattooed up whorish women. to be honest, i sympathize with them. those ugly faded tattoos combined with the stench of cigerette butts is a romance killer for sure.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link over to Messenger and Advocate. I've also linked your blog in a couple of my posts as well. I agree about Brooke. She has some of the best reporting around, and her blog entries are fabulous. I've also linked to her blog.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you sound either like you're completely joking, or completely insane.

Stephen said...

It is amazing how many completely insane people this brings out.

Anyway, Grits for Breakfast, it has been good to be able to send people to your blog for information.

Anonymous said...

the presumption of innocence of adults in criminal matters is not the standard used to remove minors when the welfare of children is at stake. The termination of parental rights can and does occur without the conviction (or even prosecution) of the adults committing or abetting the neglect and abuse. Women children being forcibly married and impregnated at 14--and age when THEY CANNOT GIVE CONSENT--as an act specifically sanctioned by this cult is clear and sufficient evidence to remove the children. Period.

Anonymous said...

2,000 years ago, it was common in Jewish communities for parents to arrange marriages (betrothal) of girls with older men. The typical age of marriage was 13 for girls and 18 for men after a period of a few years of this betrothal period (aka "spiritual marriage").

On this basis it is likely that Mary was married to Joseph when she was 13, became impregnated by God at about that time and bore Jesus at the age of 14. Given the widespread celebration of that act by many churches, I propose that a warrant be issued to investigate the background of all Christian parents and remove their kids from this potentially dangerous environment until they prove that they are not abusing their kids.

Anonymous said...

We now know that 3 of 5 teenagers at this compound are pregnant or have babies. You cannot deny that this is the result of the dirty old men who live there. There are no 14 yr olds being married to other teens-the boys are tossed out so the dirty old men can screw the fresh meat. Sick! There is nothing to redeem these parents. What mother would turn over her 13 yr old to a grandpa to impregnate?This has nothing to do with religious freedom. Just old perverts with a lust for little girls hiding behind religion to fulfil their rotten fantasies.

Anonymous said...

These scared children have now been victimized twice. Why are we taking babies away from their mothers instead of taking the men away from the children??????

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