Tuesday, April 01, 2008

'Round the blogosphere

Though I'm preoccupied today with other business, I wanted to point readers to a few items elsewhere in the blogosphere that deserve your attention:

Litigating eyewitness testimony
For criminal defense lawyers, check out this new resource on litigating eyewitness identification cases, and also a recap from the Eyewitness ID blog of a conference on the subject in New York.

Nullify this
Picking up on the jury nullification theme launched by the writers of The Wire, Windypundit lets prosecutors know there are limits to what laws the writer would enforce as a juror.

JPI heads to jail
Doc Berman brings word of a new report on local jails from the Justice Policy Institute called "Jailing Communities: The impact of jail expansion and effective public safety strategies."

Da Pope up for TDCJ admin job
Lots of interesting posts over at The Back Gate, including news that former TYC executive director Dimitria Pope is a finalist at TDCJ for the director's job in Region 3.

Quick, imprison them before they deport themselves
If you can imagine, with immigration detention costs hovering around $70 per day, ICE is stopping people as they leave the United States in order to detain them, prosecute them, and then deport them, we learn at Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer.

Are sex offenders "ill"?
Corey Yung at the Sex Crimes blog has a good discussion, reacting to this item at Crime and Consequences from Steven Erickson.

Graff that made me smile
And finally, I always enjoy visiting the graffiti mavens over at Dirty Third Streets, where I ran across this fun, simple bit of graff I particularly enjoyed:


Anonymous said...


Pope did not get the Regional Director's position. A lot of folks were really surprised!

Retired 2004

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Grits.

I have a ton of respect for what you're doing over here, and I always get a kick out of knowing you've dropped by...