Sunday, April 13, 2008

Off to "innocence" conference in Plano

Thanks to a last minute invite by the Innocence Project of Texas, I'm pleased to be able to attend Texas' 3rd annual "innocence" conference, titled Actual Innocence: Establishing Innocence or Guilt. I'll be getting up bright and early tomorrow to drive to Plano for the event, which will be running on Monday and Tuesday. There's no registration fee for:
• Texas judges and their staff;
• Texas defense lawyers who regularly represent defendants;
• Texas prosecutors and their staff;
• Texas law enforcement officials and forensic professionals; and
• Texas law students who are involved in Innocence Projects.
Topics under discussion will include "DNA 101" and "DNA 102" evidence preservation, eyewitness identification, and non-DNA forensic issues. Early registration is closed, but anyone interested can register at the door. I'm looking forward to the event (though posting on Grits may be a bit slow while I'm gone).


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Collin County!

kbp said...

Thanks for all you do.

"(though posting on Grits may be a bit slow while I'm gone)."

NADA is very, very slooooooooow!