Sunday, January 04, 2009

Breaking News: Craddick is out

It looks like Tom Craddick has stepped down and San Antonio's Joe Straus will be the next Speaker of the Texas House. Straus today released a list of 85 House members supporting his candidacy.

No telling what this will mean in terms of committee chairmanships, Calendars and Appropriations Committee membership, and other key leadership positions, but one thing's for sure: Change is afoot.


Anonymous said...

Change is afoot, but will there be laws that really set forward the needs of the people or more of the same? I think the next year or two will tell that tale..

Anonymous said...

Charles Kiker here:

My prediction: a less imperious manner, but more of the same.

Anonymous said...

Charles Kiker, I pray you are wrong regarding the statement, "I think the next year or two will tell the tale..". There are many who hold Chairs who truly do a good job and try to do what is right. Those people have a good history and need to continue what they have started, i.e.,Senator Whitmire and Rep. Jerry Madden. The Criminal Justice System is broken and in need of a remake starting with TDCJ and especially the BPP.

I pray these two very good honest people are allowed to continue to do the job they have committed to complete.

Anonymous said...

Charles Kiker speaking:

Charles Kiker did not say, "I think the next year or two will tell that tale."

Anonymous said...

whitmire needs to go. he is a knee jerk, double talking politician, who likes to drink and threaten wait staff.