Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nonprofit seeks juvie justice volunteer

The Texas Criminal Justice Coalition is looking for volunteer help on juvenile justice issues during the 81st Texas Legislature, so I wanted to pass on their request for an Austin-based "research assistant" in case any readers are interested:
TCJC Seeks Volunteers

If you live in Austin and want to participate on the front lines to help reform the criminal justice system, you couldn't do much better than to hook up with the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition , which is looking for research assistants for the 2009 Legislative Session.

The Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, a non-profit policy reform and advocacy organization, has volunteer opportunities open to individuals having an interest in the criminal justice system and a passion for social justice. TCJC is currently looking to fill the volunteer/internship position for a Juvenile Justice Research Assistant. Check out the job description and application here (link to

Interested applicants should contact Jazmin at or 512-441-8123 ext. 101, for more information.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If I already work in the juvenile justice system can I still volunteer.

The state legislature might actually listen to me if I was an advocate and not a juvenile justice professional.

Ofcourse, the Sunset Commission seemed to not listen to anybody that testified down there at the public hearing on the TYC/TJPC merger recommendation.

Can't believe they still passed that recommendation from sunset staff after all that public input.

Just proves the fact that legislators don't listen to the public.