Tuesday, January 13, 2009

TYC merger compromise?

Reports Mike Ward at the Austin Statesman:

A compromise has emerged in the back-room fight over merging Texas’ juvenile-justice agencies — the embattled Texas Youth Commission and the smoothly run Juvenile Probation Commission.

The idea: leave the agencies separate, but put them under one governing board that could oversee both.

Sens. Bob Deuell, R-Greenville, and Craig Estes, R-Wichita Falls, among other lawmakers, are reportedly shopping the compromise around the Capitol this afternoon, to try for an agreement before the Sunset Advisory Commission meets in the morning.

The Sunset Commission is to vote tomorrow on a staff recommendation to merge the two agencies.

Initial reaction to the compromise is split.

Most lawmakers: Two agencies, two budgets, one board? Won’t work.

Others: Might make sense as a start to combine the two.

See related coverage from Ward on the proposed TYC-TJPC merger and an article from the Victoria Advocate previewing Wednesday's Sunset Commission vote on whether to consolidate the agencies.

MORE: Ward lays out four options facing legislators and predicts some version of a merger is likely.


Anonymous said...

hum..........possibilities IF board members are included with those with some professional background in juvenile corrections, not who gave the most money to the Governor.

Anonymous said...

How about option 5:

Poll the employees of both Agencies and see what options they like best, and go with it instead of listening to these overpaid buttkissers in Austin that can't see past the Governor's rectum. Bet we would be shocked to see what they suggest.

Anonymous said...

Inmates runing the assylum, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Surely you're not suggesting that child abuse, mismanagement and corruption, still occurs in TYC? I'm flabbergasted.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

To the (now deleted) commenter at 10:32 who want to ramble on like an idiot about NAMBLA - You just caused the comments on this string to be disabled. If TYCers can't learn to control themselves, I'll be eliminating all comments on TYC posts soon.

Stop this crap, now.