Thursday, April 09, 2009

What's wrong with fusion centers?

Bill Baumbach at the Collin County Observer has authored a must-read post titled, "What's wrong with the North Texas Fusion Center?" - see particularly the excellent linkfest at the end.

MORE: From my pal Forrest Wilder at the Texas Observer.

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Anonymous said...

I came home this afternoon and found a starnge vehicle in my front yard, on the lawn near the house, not in the driveway.

The driver properly identified himself as a worker for the US Census. When I asked what he was doing parked on my lawn, he explained that he was instructed to get as close to the homes as he could to record the gps coordinates.

Whatcha think comrade?

Anonymous said...

It's scary comrade. Soon big brother will do everything for you.

Anonymous said...

I had a US Census worker show up at my house. She rang the door bell and I came out of the garage. She asked if there were other structures people could live in on the property. She then stood in front of the front entry door with a GPS enabled PDA and recorded the location. She thanked me and left. Strange encounter.

I have read some very negative articles about the Fusion Centers. They feed terror watch info to state law enforcement agencies. MIAC just lost one of their big shots after some of the info leaked to the media. Seems they think you are a terrorist if you support Ron Paul, have guns, have a GPS in your car, have a ham radio, believe in the 2nd Amendment and or the US Constitution. Ron Paul is a US Representative from Texas and a Republican. I always knew those damn Republicans are terrorists. Anyway the s**t hit the fan when the media got wind of the MIAC info. Google MISSOURI SCRAPS M.I.A.C. REPORT. March 26, 2009 for more info on the topic. MIAC info originated from Fusion Center and is sent out to numerous states. A Ron Paul bumper sticker is Probable Cause for a traffic stop in many parts of the US. Your Tax Dollars at Work!

Anonymous said...

If Grits had a bumper sticker it would get you stopped too. He has a nasty habit of pointing out stupid stuff the government leaders are doing.

Rage Judicata said...
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Rage Judicata said...

Next time you see them just fire at their feet and ask:

Is you men from the bank?

If Delbert says no, ask them if they're revenuers.

If he says no again, just warn them that pa says to shoot revenuers, and men from the bank. You might even throw in that you nicked the census man.

Anonymous said...

Yeah RJ, I live here in the redneck area of NE Texas, you know catfishing and moonshine making country.

Seems you know my lack of intellect. That dude won't be back on my property.

Rage Judicata said...

I don't know if you lack intellect, but you should certainly get out to the movies more often.