Monday, April 20, 2009

A drug dealer registry? One unworkable, bad idea deserves another

Apparently because the sex-offender registration program has been such a glowing success (/snark), Rep. Larry Taylor has proposed HB 4411, creating a "Drug Dealer Registration Program."

I guess we're going to skip over murderers in the Legislature's registry mania and go straight for the dope dealers? This is pure silliness - basically make-work for DPS. Drug dealers' criminal history, after all, is already public information (as is murderers').

The House Public Safety Committee will consider the bill today.


123txpublicdefender123 said...

Wouldn't that basically be like a yellow pages for someone needing a fix?

This idea deserves to go in the stupid proposed legislation hall of fame.

Anonymous said...

What about the murders and domestic violent offenders don't they want to keep track of them too? This is as ridiculus as the sex offender registry has become.
I agree that this belongs in the stupid proposed legislation hall of fame!

doran williams said...

What next: A public call-girl registry? A hit-man registry? A registry for illegal garbage dumpers and illegal oil-field waste dumpers?

A special registry for estate planners who can perpetuate trusts?

Anonymous said...

No, but they ARE talking about a DWI registry... I wonder what will be on their licenses .. "Drunk" .. so bars can not serve them and be clear of responsibility.. Do we make a 1000 ft rule that they cannot live around bars, liquor stores, Chili's, and anywhere that could server alcohol?

SB said...

Some states have a registry for arsonists.

Don said...

One bright spot--May is just around the corner. Soon all the villages will get their idiot back.

Anonymous said...

"Soon all the villages will get their idiot back."

Not before, I pray, they actually pass some of the legislation needed to get the State back on the right foot as far as constitutional rights go.

Why is ti that State leg, with more direct input to the people, meet less often?

Anonymous said...

Texas Legislature does not meet any more often than they do because the writers of our state constitution wanted to limit the damage they do. Isn't there a saying that goes something like, "When the legislature is in session, no man or beast is completely safe,"? Let us thank God they only meet every 2 years!