Monday, April 23, 2012

'Pre-crime,' 'smart' bullets, driver data and privacy

A few recent stories related to law enforcement technology caught Grits eye:


jimbino said...

It's important to remember that lots of Dutch Jews were turned into embers, not because of any Dutch animus, but by the fact that the Dutch kept detailed records on its citizenry and the Nazis exploited those records.

It is important to remember also that the gummint is your enemy, not your friend.

Phillip Baker said...

"Pre-crime"??? Really? Having read the analysis on this FAST program on the link, this is just scary. I am not crazed conspiracy guy on constant watch for those black helicopters, just an ordinary American. But over the time since 9/11, that criminal act has been used to justify an full assault on individual liberties. We are giving up those freedoms won with such arduous work, for the illusion of safety. We are fast approaching the tipping point at which an uninformed and pathetic citizenry will accept even greater loss of liberties wholesale out of manufactured fear. There is no dark jack boot conspiracy behind this, just thousands of businesses and individuals swarming the federal agencies to sell their idea for safety, and getting contracts for really dubious ideas- like the idea anybody can predict accurately future behavior based on a very flawed algorithm. The Republic- sold out for government contracts.